40” t x 14” w x 19” d
ceramic, glazes and in-glaze decal

“Harvest” is a story about St. Vincent of Saragossa (dec. 340) the patron saint of wine and wine making. He was a martyr and he was buried up to his neck so that vultures would peck at him. Ravens saved him by scaring away the vultures and he survived to become the patron saint of wine making.

He appears on the front in the heart with his vineyards and wine press, toasting his successful harvest. On the back is an in-glaze decal of Piedmont, Italy where they grow delicious barolos and other wonderful wines.

The warm glow of the glazing suggests the warmth and color of fall days. The warm gold color and the “VC” on the front are a wink and a nod to my favorite champagne.