Frida’s Dream


Stoneware, Glazes, Acrylics, inglaze decals, wooden birds
40″T x 11″W x 10″d

This is the fourth in the Artist Chair series begun this year. All of the images on the piece tell the story of Frida Kahlo’s life, loves, and tragedy. The top front of the chair shows Frida’s crumbling spine as a crumbling architectural column. On either side of the column are two inglazed decals, one of Frida’s zodiac sign and the other is Diego;s zodiac sign.The top rear shows the brace she wore during her rehabilitation after the bus accident. It is decorated with inglaze decals of butterflies, symbolizing ttransformation. All around the sculpture are images referring to her life and loves. The scarlet “A” refers to the Diego’s adulterous behavoirs and to the entries in her diaries that list page upon page of words beginning with the letter “a”: asombra, astro, ariosa, etc.