Lapsus Memorae

2014-Installation for the Villa Terrace Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I have always been interested in science of the human body and in memory, but after my father and a close friend both died from brain strokes, I decided to make this piece about losing one’s memory and the dysfunction of the brain. After extensive research I crafted the heads, some with openings, meant to describe parts of memory that was lost through stroke or dementia, and displayed them on a metal surface suggesting a hospital gurney. I made the circular wall plaques (pun intended) to signify amyloid plaques, brain proteins, genetic markers and chemical inhibitors. Also represented on the wall plaques is an image of the first known diagnosed alzheimer’s patient, Auguste Deter, 1902. I used the language of science, Latin, to title each of the heads. I felt in some way, doing this piece helped be overcome confusion and conflict around memory loss, in all its manifestations.