I was invited to show some of my QWorks (quirky works) at Studio 107B in Taos Plaza. The show is titled: Subversive. I created two pieces-MAGA Man and Maison de Valeur (House of Worth).

MAGA Man is about 7″ tall and perfect for small spaces or offices. It’s an assemblage made from found and broken porcelain parts. (SOLD)

Maison de Valeur is a bit larger and is also an assemblage




I’m excited to show one of my “Works” at Birth/Rebirth at Studio 107B on Taos Plaza opening this weekend.

I will be showing “jAtaka tales”.

jAtala tales are a part of Buddhist literature originating in 300BC and are didactic fables about the Buddha where he is born and reborn as different animals and humans, in an effort to relate cultural morals.

I started with the laughing Buddha figure and took off all of the children’s heads, then added funny animal heads with epoxies, then  painted out the seams and sealed them.

Retail $400 (update: SOLD).

Road Scholar Tour-Santa Fe

I had a great time speaking to the Road Scholar Tour participants this afternoon. Everyone was so kind and supportive of my family history and sculptural work. Thanks of Jordan and Christopher for making me feel comfortable and for the tech help.

Please visit my website for my TedX Talk and other videos, as well as my other works and my QWorks!

call for studio visit, commissions and sale: 505-681-4914

Taos is Art Banner!

I am thrilled to announce that my artwork was selected to represent Taos in its second “Taos is Art” banner competition! There are dozens of these banners on the main road and around the Plaza. Mine is located just off the north west corner of the Plaza, on a wide nice lane by Twirl and The Alley Cantina!

When you are in Taos-take an hour or so and walk around and look at all of the banners-so much great art here-Enjoy!

Public Collections-The Harwood Museum Taos!

I am thrilled to announce that one of my sculptures; “Nuestra Sangre, Nuestre Agua” (Our Blood, Our water), is now in the permanent collection of The Harwood Museum in Taos, my home town!

In November a group from their collections committee came for a studio visit. We spent lots of time talking about my work and discussing the ways in which they could add one of my sculptures to their collections. Having worked with museums before, I never imagined a decision would be made so quickly, favorably, and unanimously. I delivered the work on December 19th, which was a great end to 2018! This is the 4th museum that has added my works to their permanent collections-a thrill and an honor!

Bee Show in Taos!

I was invited to show work in a group exhibition in Taos titled. “To Bee or Not To Bee”, at Studio 197B on Taos Plaza. I had planned to bring a new vessel, but I SOLD it before it was even finished. So I took “Protector” instead.

Protector tells a story about bees and how if we lose them from the planet, we are certainly doomed. We must protect the bees. It also is a reference to me, as my name Deborah means “the bee” and my father always called me “the bee”. The floral designs come from Judith Leyster-who was the only woman painter represented in the Riiksmuseum in Amsterdam-I always loved her still lifes. The arms on the female form are in a protective pose, which refers to protecting the bees, but also suggest protecting of ones personal space, or ones personage ‘garden”. Gold luster bees cover the shoulders and face of the form in a night sky.

If you are in or near Taos, please check out the great show with wonderful interpretations on Bee Art! And if you are interested in purchasing “Protector”, please contact me through the contact page.

#beeart #deborahthebee #narrativesculptures

Fall Road Scholar Tour

Last Wednesday the Road Scholars made their 4th trip to my studio for their Crypto Jew/Converso event. We had a wonderful group of 35! The weather was snowy and beautiful but a bit slippery getting everyone safely from the bus. Everyone had a great time and I made several sales as well.

Just wanted to let everyone know, in case you were at the tour and are still thinking about something you saw and wish you had asked about, that I DO take commissions and I DO sell from my webpage. Just CLICK the contact page and send me a message.

There were several comments that the larger pieces would not fit in may homes, but I have a solution-buy a larger piece and DONATE it to your favorite museum so everyone can enjoy it!

Here are a few photos from last Wednesday’s Road Scholar Tour. #roadscholartour #deborahraelbuckley #narrativesculpture #cryptoconverso

Downloadable Bibliography for Road Scholars

Santa Fe Clay Studio Artist Sale!

Check out this amazing Studio Artist Sale———at Santa Fe Clay Opening Friday September 28 and running through this weekend.

I have 2 of my Qworks and 1 of my large vessel forms in this sale, so go and see all of the wonderful ceramic works you can possess!

Taos Fall Arts Festival!

Taos Fall Arts Fest 2018: September 21-30

It’s time for Taos Fall Arts Festival-a county wide celebration of visual arts! I was a board member for over six years, so I appreciate how much work is involved with mounting this very large show. Taos County is home to a huge community of talented visual artists and I was pleased this year to take a large vessel (I Believe in Miracles) and one of my Qworks! (Dog Boss). If you want to see a photo of the vessel or Qwork for sale, message me! See you all there Friday at the opening.

Artes Decartes Show!

Artes Decartes is a show of artworks made from recycled and up cycled and found materials. It is accompanied with a fashion show-which ls always fun and quirky. This yeas my Qworks were accepted for the show and sale. I am taking “The Three Fates”, “Patriot” and “Creation Myth”, all of which are one of a kind porcelain assemblages-thochkies that are taken apart and reassembled into new forms and narratives. The opening is at Stables Gallery, Saturday August 25 4-8pm. See you there!  “Patriot?”

“Creation Myth”“The Three fates”

My Voice!

La Voz August 2018 Deborah Rael-Buckley proof

I am pleased and honored to have my story be the cover of La Voz-the bilingual magazine from Santa Rosa, California. In June I had the Road Scholar group visit my studio and the publisher of this magazine, Anu Weaver, asked me if I would share my story on their magazine. Thanks SOOOO much!

(click above-it will take a few seconds to load)


“Corazon Olvidado” (Forgotten Heart) has found its forever home right here in Taos!! I loved this piece-guess I will have to make a similar one for me to keep.

Did you know I also do commissions? I DO! So look around my sold works and if there is something you love-I can remake on certain themes. Nothing will be exactly the same, but I don’t mind revisiting themes and content. We can work on something together and come up with something entirely NEW!

Road Scholar Tour-June 2018!


The Road Scholar-Crypto Jewish/Converso-Tour includes a day trip to Taos, NM and a visit to my ceramic sculpture studio and I am delighted to be a part of this ground breaking event. We had a smaller group this month, so I was able to create a more relaxed and conversational time with the tour guests. I also had 7, one of a kind Elijah’s Cups for sale (see availability and pricing in the previous entry) and I sold 2 of them. If you are interested in one, let me know.

Overall I am grateful to be a part of this tour and I hope everyone had as good a time as I did! Next tour date is in October.

#roadscholar #cryptoconverso #narrativeceramicsculpture

Elijah’s Cups For Sale!


At last month’s Road Scholar Tour I was asked to make some smaller Elijah’s Cups that visitors found purchase. I made seven of them. They are one of a kind, ceramic and glazed with gold luster bees fired on. Bees are my signature because my father always called me the “Bee”. All have raised text in Ladino-the Spanish / Hebrew spoken language of the Sephardic Jews. Hexagonal stems on some of them and hexagonal bases reference the bee as well.

Priced from L-R in group photo at top.

$90, $90, $60 (no stem), $80 (SOLD), $90 (SOLD), $60 (no stem), $80

(add $20 for US shipping)

PayPal or CC with Square

Earth, Fire Paint!

This new show at Studio 107B on Taos Plaza opened in mid May and is ongoing until June 17, so check it out. The piece titled ‘Remembrance”, featured on the Tempo cover (last post), IS available. Please see the “Dress Forms for size and narrative. Contact me for pricing. Thanks!

Cover Girl!

Imagine my surprise to open the weekly newspaper and find my work featured on the cover of the arts magazine, Tempo!

Road Scholar, Crypto Jewish-Converso Tour of My Studio.

I am privileged to be a speaker for this year’s Road Scholar Tour of Taos. We had a group of 32 wonderful visitors from California. I met Ani who invited me to be a person of the month for her local bilingual newspaper. Sorry for the delay in posting-I left on a trip to DC the day after and didn’t have time to post photos. If you have good ones, please send them to me. The downloadable bibliography is in the previous post. I am finishing the small “Elijah’s Cups” soon, so check back for them, soon. Thanks for coming!

Road Scholar Bibliography Download

Taos IS Art!

So excited to see my art on a banner in the center of Taos-my artwork was selected to be presented and printed on a large banner that is attached to a light pole in the center of taos-a block off the plaza. It’s across from one of my favorite restaurants in town-Lambert’s! YAY! Walk around town and view all of the manny artist’s work on these wonderful banners announcing Taos IS Art!

Adding In Glaze Decals

The last firing on this vessel form will be a decal firing. I use both commercial decals and I can also generate them myself, but for this piece I am using commercial decals.

I select the images I want for the “windows” and I cut them to fit. Then I place them in warm water and slide them off the paper backing and onto the glazed surface, making sure there are no air bubbles.

Then I fire them on to about 1200 degree F.

Check back in a few weeks to see the finished vessel form titled, “I Dream of the Sea”, which will be available for purchase soon!

Calling All Doctors!

I am thrilled with the opening of WOMEN at Studio 107n on Taos Plaza this weekend. There were crowds! Visitors LOVE to see art work on the plaza again-thanks to Maye Torres. The show continues into April so check it out.

ALSO- this piece titles “Lapsus Memorae” is about memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease-so this installation SHOULD be permanently placed in a doctor’s office or group or medical facility, so if you know any doctors, brain specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists, send them to me! Ask me questions about this piece-there is much to decipher and consider.

Show Opening at Studio 107b, Taos!

I am super excited to have been asked to be a part of this great women’s show in Taos at Studio 107b on Taos Plaza. It is in conjunction with the Women’s show at the Harwood Museum and features many of the wonderful female artists we have in Taos. I will be showing something very different from my dress forms. Looking forward to the opening on March 10, 4-7pm! See you all there!

Processes-Creating Raised Text

I use text on lots of my work and one of the ways to do that is to take a “print”. I throw out a clay slab and smooth it out, then I carve in the text backwards, so that when I pull a “print” the text will be readable. I bisque fire the slab after the text is carved in so that I can reuse it. Then I can place clay over the text or word and pull a “print” of a raised text. I have them in Latin, English, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic. Here are a few examples……




Artists get approached a lot for donations of art to raise money for a variety of good causes. This year I am donating two of my QWorks to really special fundraisers. I am donating “Cowboy Zen”  ($190) to Millicent Rogers Museum’s Miniatures Show. It opens February 9-March 4.

“Cowboy Zen” (SOLD)

Hearts and Stars, a fundraiser for Taos Men’s Shelter, opens Saturday, February 10 at Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos on Kit Carson Road. “Wing Man” ($90)

“Wing Man”


Revised Espresso Cups and Saucers!

I purchased these sweet espresso cups a few months ago and decided to “up cycle” them. I added some espresso term such as “Jazzed”, “Buzzed”, “Happy Day”, “Stoked” and “Covfefe” in gold luster. I added bees on some of them. I will post again when they are fired and complete.

Bee Keeper Moving to DC!

Dave, with Art Handlers from Santa Fe, came to pick up “La Abeja Arquero” (The Bee Keeper) from my studio this week. It is making the trip to DC to be placed in a home there. It will be my first piece in DC and I plan on taking a trip there in May to see how it looks. Nice way to close out a successful year.

New Series Vessels Coming

New works begins with new clay. I just received 700 pounds of white stoneware from Santa Fe Clay a week ago and I am already working on a new vessel form, despite taking much of last week creating a fabulous Thanksgiving meal for eight guests. I have keen selling these smaller forms recently because it seems many who wish to collect my works, have smaller spaces and perhaps smaller budgets. I accommodate where I can! Stay tuned-I will post process photos here. I think the next vessel will be about milagros!

Road Scholars Tour of Taos

It was a lovely morning for the Road Scholars Crypto/Converso Taos Tour. There were 30 visitors and were all attentive and asked interesting questions after my talk. Then some of them wandered around the studio to look at the works and then they moved to the outdoor ramada, which was seen also as a sukkot. One of the guests wrote my name in Hebrew! Such a privilige to host this wonderful group. If you were here and want me to send you the bibliography-use the contact page and I will send it to you right away. If you want pricing information, use the contact page as well or call me. Thanks again Road Scholars-see you next year!

Studio Visitors del Dia!

Deborah with Eunice from Ohio.

Deborah with Ginger from Albuquerque.

Deborah with Kay from Ohio.

I welcome studio visitors from time to time. It’s fun for me to take a break and for art lovers to visit artists in their studios. Mine is large and there is plenty to look at. Call me some time to arrange a visit or demonstration!

This is how it all begins….

I begin every form on a wood palette that is the height of my kiln floor. I use newspaper to keep the clay from sticking to the wood palette and for ease of moving the dried piece into the kiln. Then I roll out coils and stack them with slip in between and keep attaching them abad thinning out the walls until I reach the desired form and height-with each coil on the inside edge to gradually bring the sides in.

Babel, II Available

Babel, II is one of the vessels available at in Taos.

Go buy and see it-I LOVE this one. I consider it an abstraction-what do you think?


I have been making more QWORKS because they are selling very well. This one is titled, “Unexpected Journey”. It’s available through

Opening Shots-Thanks for Attending!

DAFA 2 DAFA opening1 DAFA3 DAFA4 DAFA5 DAFAqworks


I had a great opening night at Taxonomy of Memories: Cronicles in Clay at DAFA TAOS! Thanks to everyone who came and thanks to David and Thea for all they did to make this show possible.
I SOLD several QWORKS, but there are 13 left! check them out. The vessels in this show have introductory pricing, so check them out in the gallery or online at


So honored and excited for this show in Taos. Opening Saturday August 5, 4-7p at DAFA (David Anthony Fine Art) 132 Kit Carson St., Taos New Mexico. Let’s get a HUGE reception. Love to see all of you. I will be exhibiting new vessel works, larger dress forms, a new torso with head and arms AN my QWORKS! Sooooo excited!Vista Print Buckley Postcard BACK FLAT


It’s always wonderful to have studio visitors. Recently I have had several small and a few large groups through. If you are planning a trip to northern New Mexico to see art, you are welcome, with appointment, to visit my studio in Ranchos de Taos, just a bit south of Taos off routs 68. Call first, though!
Studio Tour 2IMG_7035

IMG_6969 IMG_6940IMG_6426


Buckley Harvest Gradient3 14x19x40

Opening August 5, 2017

I am delighted to announce I will have a show of my large-scale narrative ceramic sculpture and QWORKS, opening at DAFA (David Anthony Fine Art) on Saturday August 5. More photos to follow-see you all there!Buckley Harvest Gradient2 14x19x40

Uprooted Tree, II-SOLD!

I am pleased to report that Dale and Dave Steinberg have purchased this wonderful sculpture-one of my largest. They were a part of the Road Scholar group that visited my studio a few weeks ago. The piece has left my studio and will be in its way next week to the Steinberg home in Missouri!
Uprooted Tree II Front

Fluid Identities-Tucson, Arizona

I received some interior photos from Fluid Identities at the Tucson Jewish Museum. I was not able to travel to see the show, but they were kind enough to send me images. My piece in that show is “Elijah’s Cup” and represents the family that is missing from the seder table. If you are in or near Tucson, please visit before the end of this month. “Elijah’s Cup” will be returned to me after this show closes-it will be available for purchase ($680 plus shipping). Call me for more information or check it out at this site.

Entry to exhibition IMG_3905Fluid Identities Panorama small

Road Scholar Tour-Studio Visit

Yesterday I had a wonderful studio visit from a Road Scholar Group, who were doing a New Mexico tour on Crypto Jewish and Converso experience. They invited me to speak at several of these tours over the summer and into the fall. We began at Gutiz restaurant in Taos and then they all came to my studio to hear a talk about my converse experience and to look at my work on the topic. I met some really wonderful people, some originally from Israel now living in NYC and Georgia and others from across the US. I look forward to the other visits. Thanks to Christopher Gibson who was the connection between my talk last year with the Society of Crypto Judaic Studies Conference in Santa Fe and the Road Scholar Group. It was a long day moving chairs in and out and preparing the talk and keeping my energy up-we celebrated with hazelnut shortbread and champs! Thanks also to my friend Lyn for her much needed and appreciated help. So Grateful.

IMG_6411 IMG_6412 IMG_6413 IMG_6415 IMG_2901 IMG_6448-1

Tucson Jewish Museum


I found out yesterday that one of my pieces is included in “Fluid Identities” exhibition at the Tucson Jewish Museum. The exhibition is an extension of “Fractured Faiths”, which was shown last year at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you are in the Tucson area, check out this wonderful exhibit. Check their site for times and dates at

Forever Home

Remembrance Front A

Remembrance Front Detail

Here’s an opportunity to acquire one of my sculptures. “Remembrance” is looking for a forever home. It is full size. See website for narrative, details and size.

PayPal, Credit Card, Payments.

Keynote Success

I had a great time at the Taos Community Foundation’s “Brunch and Learn” event at the Taos Country Club this weekend. It was an honor to speak to so many talented and involved women of Taos. My talk “empowHERing each other”IMG_5239

IMG_5243 IMG_5241

IMG_5237 was well received.

Keynote Speaker

I am honored to be the keynote speaker for the Women Give-“Brunch and Learn” event on February 11 at the Taos Country Club. I am going to speak about the many wonderful women who have aided me in my art career-an expansion of my TEDx ABQ talk last year.







Fabulous Piece Coming To The Secondary Market In Santa Fe!!

Mother Tongue PortfolioMother Tongue Detail
I have some wonderful collectors in Santa Fe who are moving and cannot take their beloved sculpture with them, so they are trying to sell it. I am helping them find a new home for it, before they take it to a gallery for sale. This piece stands out as unique and strong against most of my other work. “Mother Tongue” is a large piece. It describes a peaceful time in Spain in the 16th century when the three religions were peacefully co-existing. Please contact me for more information about narrative and price, or if you want to see it in person. It is in one piece and can be moved with care in a large SUV or truck.



“DICTO” is the other piece I created for the conference in Santa Fe (read about it below). It is a female torso with it arms raised in surrender and carved with the Edict of Expulsion which forced Jews of Spain and Portugal to convert to Catholicism or leave the area upon pain of death. The yellow sambenito was worn by heretics as a humiliation device and the red X os the cross of St. Andrew. on the sides are two blue family trees whose roots and branches have words in Hebrew like “Deborah”, “life”, “family” “loss”, “hidden”.
It is also available for purchase-please contact me for pricing information.

Crypto/Converso Art

I made two pieces especially for the conference in Santa Fe last week-“Marrano” was one of them. It was inspired by the “Fractured Faiths” exhibition at the New Mexico History Museum. It shows a converse, who upon threat of death, has converted from the Jewish religious to Catholic, with a prayer in Hebrew from a 16th century Spanish port, carved into the chest. Laid over the shoulders is a yellow dictofullmantle made from pressed saint imagery, sort of like chain mail and representing the sambenito worn by heretics and converts. The cone cap or corozo is carves with upside down flames (fuego repolto), indicating the life was spared from the auto da fe. The pig mask is a direst reference to Marrano, the derogatory term for something unclean or a pig. It is available for purchase. Please contact me from this site for pricing information.

Society for Crypto Judaic Studies

FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4

Corazon Olvidado (Hidden Heart) was shown at the conference. It was much loved by many, but did not sell, so if you are interested let me know!
It was an informative and exciting three days in Santa Fe at the Drury Hotel for the annual conference on Crypto Judaic Studies. There were so many interesting speakers and artists sharing their knowledge and experiences. My talk was very well received and it was an honor to be invited to speak. Congratulations to all who participated.

Do Not Miss This Exhibition!

I am pleased and proud to be a small part of this extraordinary exhibition that just opened last week in Santa Fe. “Fractured Faiths: Spanish Judaism, The Inquisition and New World Identities” is open now and on view through the end of the year.


It is the first of its kind and explores the history of the Spanish Inquisition and the conversion of Spanish Jews, Crypto Jews (Jews who appeared to be converted but hid their Jewish traditions) Conversos, and the movement of families to what is now Northern New Mexico.
My own family has this ancestry. My ancestors were Jews from Lorca, Spain. They converted to catholicism and moved far away from Spanish rule, to Northern New Mexico, which was “New Spain” in the late 16th century. Make plans to visit this show-it’s amazing!


In 2013 I was invited to create an installation for the Curator’s Wall at the Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico. It was a great honor and a challenge. It expanded my visual vocabulary and it was seen by hundreds of visitors to the museum. After a few years of storing all of the wall panels I have decided to seek them to create room in my studio.
They are wood panels and are very easy to hang.They are 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ square. They are ceramic and mixed media and each one is unique. They are numbered L-R from the bottom to the top. #3 and #6 are already SOLD, so reserve yours NOW! Each panel with custom hanging device is $500. I cannot include shipping, but I am happy to deliver to Taos, Santa Fe, NM, and Albuquerque.
The free-standing sculpture in front of the wall panels is still available for purchase.
Visit the two videos on this site for more information about the installation and the building process. Thanks for looking!

Fractured Faiths Exhibit-Opening in May-Santa Fe

I got a call this week from Josef Diaz who is the curator of the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe. He asked me to loan a small sculpture of mine for the upcoming show “Fractured Faiths: Spanish Judaism, The Inquisition, and New World Identities”. The piece below, “Elijah’s Cup” will be a part of this show. I hope you can all attend. The show opens May 22, 2016 and runs through the end of this year.

Elijah's CupB

A Day In The Studio

I made a little video of the finished ceramic sculpture I am making for a show in June in Santa Fe. It is titled DICTO. This is before the first firing. Watch this short video and let me know what you think!

Happy Customers-Have Sculpture Will Travel!


My ongoing PRIVATE STUDIO SALE has made some new and return customers very happy. Pat Koen of Austin visited a few weeks ago and found it difficult to choose between two pieces and took them both home. David and Beverly Schler of Denver are collectors who decided to get another piece for their collection. I met them half way in Walsenberg, Colorado and delivered a large vessel to them-everyone’s happy!

Installation Completed at UNM-Taos

IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0144 IMG_0148 IMG_0167 IMG_0165 IMG_0162 IMG_0160 IMG_0151 IMG_0182 IMG_0172 IMG_0171 IMG_0170

Here are some photos of the entire installation process at UNM-Taos. Thanks to Kate O’Neill, Jim Pollard, Michelle LaFlamme and the Arts in Public Places Program for this wonderful honor. I am so grateful.


Always wished to be able to afford one of my larger sculptures? Tiempo Perdido is now available from a Santa Fe gallery for an amazing, undervalued price. I don’t make any money from the sale, of course, but someone may want to snap it up. Email me for more information.TiempoPerdido


Bee Keeper sm1
The BAD news is that my latest gallery in Santa Fe has decided to close its doors. The GOOD news is that I have brought La Abeja home to the studio! IF you were thinking about having it and loving it in YOUR home, come visit her and we can talk about a way for you to own her!

Selecting the site for installing Querido at UNM-Taos!

I visited UNM-Taos this afternoon to select a secure site for installing my sculpture Querido. It was purchased this spring by UNM through the Art in Public Places Program. Jim Pollard is helping me select the site, and FullSizeRender-1FrontQueridoprepare the pedestal and signage. There will be an event in the next few months to celebrate recent art purchases. SO grateful!

Today’s Studio Visitor, Brena Smith

IMG_5408 IMG_5415IMG_5415

Brena Smith is working on ART PROJECTS-a live interview of full-time working artists outside of academia. She came to Taos this week to interview Randall LaGro, Kathleen Brennan and myself. She came back for dinner and we had a great time! Thanks Brena.

Upcoming Gallery Talk

Amore_OpenHouseAd_TaosNews_0915-1 copy

Join me for a gallery Taos in Taos at Amore Gallery Friday September 19 from 6-8pm. It will be the first one at this gallery. Hope to see you all there!

Opening in Taos August 21!

Amore Fine Art Opening-1

I am thrilled to be showing in Taos again soon. Please join me at the opening-SEE YOU THERE!

New Vessel Work at El Monte Sagrado, Taos!


I love showing my vessel works at el Monte Sagrado-they look amazing in that space. Visit them and look for Jennifer Longo to tell you about them!


On Thursday May 28 I had the incredible honor to speak at TedX ABQ Women’s Momentum at the Albuquerque Convention Center with twelve other fabulous speakers. The room was full of excited listeners, family, friends and supporters. The talks ranged from serious, emotional, and humor to arts and science.
I will post my talk, “The Culture Keeper’s Daughter” on video once I get it, but until then I want to thank the curator, Kathy Davis, Genevieve Mitchell, planning committee members, entertainment, the amazing speaker coaches; TK O’Leary, Gregory Lay, Angie Alley, Genevieve Mitchell and Beth Haley, the sponsors and the wonderful TedX speakers; Polly Ahrendts, Susie MacLean, Wendy Johnson, M.D., Veena Patel, Jennifer Owen-white, Amy Lin, Brandy Maldonado, Kimm Oostman, Kelly Jo Kuchar, Bianca Villani, Carolyn Flynn and Richard Daniel Williams.


It’s Official!

I received notice recently that I was accepted as a speaker for TedX ABQ in May! I am thrilled to have been selected and look forward to the rehearsals and to meeting the other ten women who will be speaking. The best part is that this event is part of a global TedX event that will feature women from around the world. Thanks to one of my collectors, Kathy Davis, who invited me to apply.
My talk will be about overcoming family history and blazing a new path to art making.
They say the tickets sell out fast.image1
MAY 28, 2015-BE THERE!

Another Studio Visit

Sometimes I get to talk with student artists and this weekend I had a studio visit from B’nai Harurah Religious School in Denver. The eight students and three teachers were enthusiastic, interested and smart. I always get an injection of energy from talking to young students and I hope to be able to meet them again at their school in Denver to speak about my work and process. Thanks for coming, guys!FullSizeRender-2

Studio Visits

I love having visitors in the studio and this weekend there were two groups. The first on Saturday was a very nice visit from an amazing sculptor, Maurice Lowe. He is a wonderful artist and a super special friend. When I was the Director of the Distinguished Achievement Awards, I had the opportunity to work with him, as he was one of the recipients in 2014. He is still working and he is over 90 years old! He has a great sense of humor and all kinds of smarts. FullSizeRenderHe came with his lovely wife Mary and we had a great time talking art.


I am working on a series of small mixed-media sculptures made from broken and discarded ceramic (mostly porcelain) tzchotchis. The small figurines were a staple of households all over the globe. The sanguine, mass-produced miniatures were a favorite gift to mothers and grandmothers and were perfect souvenirs of travels. But they lost favor half way through the last century.
I have been collecting them for a few years-not even sure why I was collecting them. I sorted and resorted them over and over, until finally I began deconstructing them and reassembling them. I love how they speak of memory and the history of ceramics. Sometimes I use as many as four or five to create a new form. Now, reconstructed into new miniatures they have new narratives, new forms and new meanings, relating to fairy tales, gender issues and visual puns.
I will load more soon but check out my Studio Quemazon FaceBook page.FullSizeRender

How Art Heals

A Chance Meeting of Grieving Daughters.Taoseno, Robert Caffazo called me one sumner morning and asked if I could receive a group of travel writers in my studio. I am always pleased to share my work with anyone who is interested, so the next day they came bumping down the dirt road to my studio. I met them all and showed them around the studio and explained the process….and then this happened.” title=”Aliza Sherman’s Visit”>

Millicent Rogers Museum-Miniatures Show

I took a small mixed-media sculpture to the Miniatures show and sale at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos. It opens Friday February 6 at 6pm. I took this piece. It’s titled “The Messenger” and is about 6″ tall.
The Messenger;jpg


Last week I received notice from the Art in Public Places Program (AIPP) that one of my works was selected for purchase by the University of New Mexico, which is where I began my degree in Art History. UNM has several campuses and I am not sure which location I will be installing the piece, but as soon as I know-you will, too! I am thrilled to have another piece purchased by the State of New Mexico and look forward to sharing it with the public.The piece is titled QUERIDO (Beloved) and is about my love of the natural world.


Opening November 10, 2018


show cardThe show at David Anthony Fine Art in Taos is coming soon.



Hearts and Stars Fundraiser

Visit Wilder-Nightengale gallery for this year’s Hearts and Stars art auction, Friday February 7. This small mixed-media sculpture will be available at the show.

Dog Walker


One of my collectors from Albuquerque Kathy Davis, invited me to submit a presentation to TEDx ABQ. TEDx is a global, visual presentation format for creatives of all types to share their processes and innovations. This year’s event is in May and will feature all women. I am thrilled to participate if chosen-wish me luck. I will know in March if mine was selected.

Now Showing at COCO Gallery on Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Uprooted Tree II

Honoring the Hidden

This is a very nice article about a group exhibition I participated in at Congregation Nahalat Shalom in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Honoring the Hidden

Djudeo Espanol!

I was invited to show work at a great new exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico about the Crypto-Jewish Experience. The show is titled, Djudeo Espanol and it will be part of a festival celebrating the Crypto Jewish Experience, which is part of my family heritage. Nahalat Shalom will be the location.

Upcoming Shows

NEWS! My work will be featured in the online Taos Journal of Poetry and Art. So exciting!  Check it out- you will love the combination of poetry and art. Thanks Veronica and Andrea!

I am excited to be included in an NCECA concurrent show in Milwaukee at the Villa Terrace Museum, opening March 20, 2014. This invitational show includes current and former faculty of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. If you are in the mid-west, come see me. It’s going to be a great show in a lovely museum.

Landscape photographer and filmmaker in Taos who created the time lapse video for Synecdoche.
Rocky Mountain film and video artist who created the Harwood Museum Curator’s Wall video.
From Taos Modern and Taos Pueblo art to exciting contemporary works.
A wonderfully diverse museum in my hometown.
I love the sophisticated vessel forms from Erin in the Bay area.
An amazing center celebrating the best of Hispanic culture, and one of my public collections museums.
The largest and most diverse arts festival in Northern New Mexico and where I donate hours of volunteer time as a board member.
The host of an upcoming NCECA concurrent exhibition titled, Species and Specimens.
New Mexico’s premiere clay studio, supply,  and gallery owned by Avra Leodas.
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